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Want to publish your theme to our Showcase? Follow these instructions slow & carefully.


I promise it doesn't take long :)

  1. Create a new file
  2. Name has to match your theme name.

    Make sure it's a markdown file ".md" and that it's Kebab Case style. [REQUIRED]

  3. Follow the following format for the file

    title: {Theme Name}
    author: {Author Name}
    description: A SHORT Description
    github_profile_url: https://github.com/{Author Name}/
    demo: https://raw.githack.com
    previews: [Direct link to image, Direct link to image]
    style: dark
    tags: []
    ghcommentid: 441
    layout: product # DON'T CHANGE
    # A full description of your theme. All Markdown is allowed.
  4. Submit. You're done!

Helpful information

Here's is some helpful information to inform you what each field does.

  • title - The name of your theme. [REQUIRED]
  • author - The name of the author of the theme. [REQUIRED]
  • maintainer_name - The name of the current maintainer. only use if it's different from the original developer. [OPTIONAL]
  • contributor_name - The name of the person that contributed to this project in any way, shape or form. You can have multiple contributors by using an array. Ex. [name,name] [OPTIONAL]
  • description - Short paragraph describing the content and/or purpose of the theme that will appear in the permalink of your page and other places on the site. [REQUIRED]
  • download - The direct link to the file to be downloaded. This can be the direct link to the file on a open-source website like Github. [REQUIRED]
  • github_profile_url - The link to your Github profile.[OPTIONAL]

    You can use gitlab_profile_url or npm_profile_url instead (or all) and same goes for the source url

  • github_source_url - For open-source themes, this URL points to the repo that powers the theme [OPTIONAL]
  • github_issue_url - A link to allow people to get support. (In most cases it should be the Github issue url) [OPTIONAL]
  • discord_server - A Discord server invite to allow people to get support or give feedback for the theme. [OPTIONAL]
  • demo - This is a direct url to the file so the demo can work. For Github it need's to be the raw url but to fix the MIME type issue you will need to use githack for the url instead (or https://www.jsdelivr.com/?docs=gh). [OPTIONAL]
  • thumbnail - A direct link to an image that will be the thumbnail and shown on the themes page. (16:9) [REQUIRED]
  • previews - A list of images that show a preview of your theme. Imgur is highly recommended for compressed images and reliability. Multiple images can be added and seperated by commas ',' [OPTIONAL]
  • status - Values: Updated/Oudated. The current status of your theme.
  • snippet - Values: true/false. If your content isn't a full theme you can showcase it as a snippet instead. [OPTIONAL]
  • featured - Values True/False. Remove entirely or leave as false. Only used for featured themes that are chosen.
  • auto - If your theme is hosted on Github then add true to allow users to automatically down the file (or even the entire repo) instead of just' visiting the site, if hosted elsewhere leave blank or remove it entirely. [REQUIRED]
  • style - Values: dark/light. This specifies the setting for the demo. [REQUIRED (if using demo)]
  • tags - Tags are in an array and can be seperated with commas "," like so [tag1,tag2]. [OPTIONAL]
  • ghcommentid - The ID of the issue related to your theme so it can be used in our comments system. [REQUIRED]
  • layout - Used by the Jekyll version of this website. [REQUIRED]

Note: the Discord Source team will choose featured themes, leave as featured: false when first posting or remove entirely instead.

  1. If your theme is chosen as featured, here’s what to do next:

  2. Change featured: false to featured: true or if it doesn't exist yet then add it.

Changed your mind / need to edit your submission?

If you want to edit anything in your submission later, simply edit the .md file by submitting another PR.

Old website

The old website will always be up on Github Pages


A list of people that have contributed to this theme in one way or another. If you think there is a mistake with this list please make a report here.

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Upload a Theme

Publish your work Want to publish your theme to our Showcase ? Follow these instructions slow & carefully. Steps I promise it doesn't take…

Upload a Theme