Better Formatting Redux

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Lets you format your messages with buttons and adds more formatting options.

New Demo

BFRedux Demo


Codeblocks & Programming Languages


Sortable Buttons & Tooltips


Formatting Toolbar

BFRedux adds a handy toolbar to make formatting easier.

Click the buttons to insert tags or surround the selected text with tags.

BFRedux Demo

New Formatting Options

Superscript (^^)

^Sample Text^ will show up as ˢᵃᵐᵖˡᵉ ᵀᵉˣᵗ

Small Caps (%%)

%Sample Text% will show up as Sᴀᴍᴘʟᴇ Tᴇxᴛ

Fullwidth (##)

##Sample Text## will show up as Sample Text or S A M P L E T E X T

Upsidedown (&&)

&&Sample Text&& will show up as ʇxǝ┴ ǝldɯɐS or Sɐɯdlǝ ┴ǝxʇ

Varied Caps (||)

||Sample Text|| will show up as SaMpLe TeXt or sAmPlE tExT

Leet (++)

++Sample Text++ will show up as 54mp13 73x7

Escaping Unwanted Tags (\)

Put a backslash before the tags if you want them to be rendered normally.

\##Sample Text\## will show up as ##Sample Text##

Plugin Settings

The settings can be found in Settings > BetterDiscord > Plugins

Note: There is no save button to click, settings update automatically.

Toolbar Buttons

  • Allows you to choose which buttons to have on the toolbar

Active Formats

  • Adds a checkbox for every custom format allowing you to enable/disable them


The default wrappers (^, %, ##, &&, ||, ++) can all be customized in the settings panel. They can be any symbol or letters of any length.

BFRedux Wrappers


  • The fullwidth format can switch between Sample Text and S A M P L E T E X T.
  • The upsidedown text can switch between ʇxǝ┴ ǝldɯɐS and Sɐɯdlǝ ┴ǝxʇ.
  • The varied caps can switch between SaMpLe TeXt and sAmPlE tExT. (Change whether to start with a capital)

BFRedux Formatting

Functional Plugin Settings

  • You can switch between the text buttons or icons for buttons

BFRedux Chaining

  • You can change between the default hover mode (from above), or click to see toolbar.

BFRedux Click Mode

  • Optionally, you can make it disappear when the message is sent

BFRedux Send Clear

  • You can also switch format chaining order from outside first to inside first which means:

&&##Sample Text##&& will give you txeT elpmaS instead of ʇxǝ┴ ǝldɯɐS (May not appear right in browser)

##&&Sample Text&&## will give you ʇxǝ┴ ǝldɯɐS instead of &&Sample Text&& (May not appear right in browser)

BFRedux Chaining

Style Settings

BFRedux Style

  • Change the opacity of the toolbar
  • Change the size of the text
  • Swap the toolbar (and arrow) from the right side (above) to the left side

BFRedux Sideswap

Special Thanks

  • Anxeal#4160 for the original Better Formatting - This is based on the original BetterFormatting by Anxeal#4160 although it has been nearly entirely rewritten. You can find that here.
  • BeardDesign#6223 - The CSS for the toolbar is a modified version of the CSS written by BeardDesign creator of Beard's Material Design Theme, a theme for BetterDiscord. His theme is compatible with several plugins so be sure to check it out here.


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Better Formatting Redux